They are going to change the world

I’ve been in The O.C. for 5 days now, spending most of my time at Dr. Bergmans clinic. I am learning so much, I have seen so much and I’m sitting here in complete awe. I have seen people coming in crying of joy because they are not in pain anymore, I have seen babies and kids that have literally been destroyed by vaccines and are getting better just by coming here to get adjusted. You have no idea what my eyes have seen..

Myself have had X-rays done here as well, and it turns out I have grade 1 arthritis. Yikes. And my cirvical spinal has a reversed curve due to trauma. Luckily for me, I found out that now and can get it back to normal or that could have to give me some serious health consequences in the future.

Guys, I had no idea how much chiropractors can do to someone’s health. They cure allergies, autoimmune diseases, mental disorders, pain, asthma… You name it.  As Dr. Bergman says, there are no diseases, only symptoms and symptoms can be treated if you find what is causing the symptoms. The human body is capable of healing itself – always. Have you ever cut yourself? Yes. Did it heal? Yes. Do I need to say more?

Yesterday I went to an event at The Dead Chiropractor Society. And heard Dr. John Minardi speak about the immune system and how it works and how chiropractors help with a person’s immunity. The talk was refreshing, interesting and incredibly motivational. Nutrition is obviously a big part of optimal health – but man, if you have seen what I have seen, I think anyone would want to become a chiropractor. And I this is definitely something I wanna explore more into – these people are going to change the world, and it certainly needs to be more of them.


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