My trip to California

I’ve finally recovered from jet lag and have been back in Edinburgh for a few days now. My trip to California was one amazing experience – I’ve learnt so much and met some amazing people. Travelling alone can be both scary and exciting at the same time. When I first arrived in Huntington Beach I didn’t really know what to expect. I was told America is big, and California have big distances, and looking at the map from one point to another that looked like a 20-minute walk was more of an hour of walking. You can say I easily reached my 10 000 steps a day before lunch time.

Last Saturday I went to Mexico, Tijuana for the day with Dr. John Bergman to visit a American Holistic and Wellness Clinic. A lot of people told me to be careful not to get kidnapped (Yes, kidnapped). Dr. Bergman said he used to take his kids there. Its not as bad as everyone says if you stay within the ‘safe areas’.


As mentioned previously, this wasn’t a typical holiday. I spent most of my time in the clinic drowning Bergman with questions and observing, and I was not expecting to see much of California. However, I luckily met some local people who ended up being my personal tour guides. They took me to Balboa Beach (pictured below) and Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, they took me to Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. You know, all the places you gotta see when you are in LA. And oh my, this city is amazing. It massive, it’s big, it’s bright and it’s beautiful. And very expensive. Only thing I didn’t get to see was the Hollywood sign as by the time we got there it was dark. But it just gives me another reason to go back 🙂

Travelling alone so far away was one incredible experience and it’s certainly something I want to do again. No doubt I will go back to Huntington Beach and catch up with all the wonderful people I met there.

Next weekend I’m going down to London again for the Foodies Festival with Quinoa Crack. See my vlog from the Foodies Festival in Brighton here.

Catch you soon!

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