Why food babies are so normal & how to avoid it

I can’t emphasise enough how easy it is to get one of those I’m 6 months pregnant bellies. Ladies and gentlemen, it is so easy and so so normal. There have been times when I have been so bloated for days at the time I was SURE I was pregnant and ran for the store to get pregnancy tests! It was actually a frustration when it came out negative – why is my stomach so big??

After years of trying and testing, I’ve figured out its pretty simple answer:

1. You’ve eaten more than your digestive system can handle (and you don’t let your digestive system rest so it can continue to be bloated for days.) or

2. You ate a food that doesn’t agree with you. This can be anything from eggs to gluten.

before food baby

I can get a food baby pretty easy – but I know exactly what triggers it, and it’s normally just down to that I’m eating too much.

If you are prone to get a food baby after eating and it’s making you uncomfortable – it’s actually easy to avoid. I’ve got a few tips for you and I promise you, you will never experience the dreaded food baby again if you follow these 3 steps:

1. Only eat when you are hungry and stop before you feel full. Sometimes we like to eat just of boredom, your friend or family is eating or you just “fancy” something. Both your stomach and you are better of if you just listen to what your body says and needs. Don’t eat if you don’t feel hungry! Your body will always tell you the truth if you just listen and understand what it wants. If you feel peckish and eat a large meal, it’s no surprise your gonna get a bloated stomach!

2. Stop eating before you feel like you had a meal. This one is a powerful tool for both antifood baby and weight loss. We are all so used to eating until we are full, and that is wrong. Eat until you’re satisfied, your stomach should still be flat and you’re not hungry anymore. That’s it, that’s all the food you need.

3. If you follow the 2 steps above but still experience a bloated stomach – then it’s down to the food you ate: was it gluten that triggered it? fruit? rice? nuts? milk? It could be anything. Try to figure out which food triggered your bloated stomach and cut it out for the next meal and see if it still happens. When you figured what food it was, id limit consumption or cut it out completely (depending on the type of food) – you don’t wanna eat anything that makes you uncomfortable. But don’t come here and say vegetables make you bloat and I told you to cut it out!


Now if you “accidentally” got that 6-month preggers belly and wanna get back to normal here are some tips:

  1. Drink loads of water and tea!
  2. Exercise – this helps so so much! It can actually get rid of it after a session (if you train heavy enough).
  3. Don’t eat any more food until your body and stomach feel back to normal again.


I’d love to hear your comments! Do you struggle with food babies? What do you do to get rid of it?

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