One thing I learned when I was on the carb cycling diet – I HATE counting calories. Although, I kinda already knew this, but now I really made up my mind that I do not like it. It makes me obsessed about food, what I’m eating, how much, constantly afraid of eating too much, too little. This is not what I classify as healthy.

I started off the second attempt on the carb cycling, with a plan that I was going to count every calorie ingested. I had sat up a macro plan, and I started off counting and weighing every single piece of food. After a few days, I threw in the towel and stopped it. After that, I just counted calories by eyesight. To be honest, the carb cycling diet is based on that you count your calories – to get the optimal effect of it. But sorry, this is not for me. I’m doing these experiments to be based on that the diet can fit into a daily lifestyle. Unless you are extreme with your fitness goals, competition prepping or are a fitness model for a living – I do not think calorie counting is an ideal way for people to live by. Maybe some, but not the majority.

The aim of diet: See what manipulation of carbohydrates can do with fat loss and lean body mass.

Difficulty: When calorie counting – difficult. When having just the base of some days you eat high carbs and other days low – pretty easy


Overall feeling: Pretty good, simple to follow. Although certain days when you wanted carbs and it was a low carb day, I got pretty upset. But overall good.


Other comments: Simple to follow when not calorie counting and a great tool for weight loss.

In the end, I think I lost about 2 kg in 30 days. However, I believe I added some muscle on too (I do not have a measurement tool for this).
Sorry no photos this time! (Im terrible at taking before and after photos.)

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  1. Thank God there is someone else who thinks this way! Calorie counting would put me off living! 😂

    1. Ha yes. I do not even calorie count when I prep for competitions. Can’t. Stand. It.

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