Hi, blog!

Last few weeks have been very busy! Uni is full with group work, assignments and exam studying. AND! I’ve got a new EXCITING job! My dream job in fact. And you guessed it, it is nutrition related. I will tell you more about that later.

Anyhow, if you follow me on my facebook page you know I decided to do the carb cycling diet all over again as I got the flu the final week. So I’ve started on it again this week, and I am going to be more strict about it this time.

I decided to start off with 3 days of juicing and all natural foods. The reason why is to get myself into a fat loss state of mind, meaning I want to see results quick to keep myself on track and motivated. And just by a day 1kg down and feeling leaner! It’s soon summer folks!

Bought myself a juicer over the weekend, and I must say, it looks great in the kitchen and it makes amazing juices.

To find out the recipe for this juice above, have a look at my Facebook page!

snapchat-1174246073235383691.jpgsnapchat-7093882726569029543.jpg2 of my meals yesterday. Good, nutritious dense food. Recipes on my Instagram and Facebook page.

Happy Tuesday!

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