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Yesterday I started a new diet – carb cycling. This is a very popular diet in the fitness world, both in a normal everyday diet as well as a competition diet.

Theres been a few times I’ve tried to do it, but fallen off as it does require a bit of planning. You do have to plan out your meals and you do need to count macros to some extent. Although, I’m quite happy to do this now as I miss a proper diet and training routine.

This is how I’m going to do it:

Monday: Low carb – Under 100 g
Tuesday: Low carb – Under 100 g
Wednesday: High carb – ca 200 g
Thursday: Low carb – Under 100 g
Friday: Low carb – Under 100 g
Saturday: High carb – ca 200-250 g
Sunday: High carb ca 200 g

I’m going to keep my protein intake pretty steady ca 140-160g a day and ca. 50 g of fat (and add a bit more on low carb days)

There is so many different ways you can do carb cycling. You can have low and high days, low, moderate and high or no carb, moderate and high. There is no “perfect” way to do it, although you have to find the perfect way to do it for your body. I do not know the way I’ve sat up my diet is ideal or not. That’s why I am going to play around with it, see what the first week does – do I have to add or take away carbs? Do I have to change the days? Just that being said – there is a few meals planned out on days that I have decided is going to be a low carb day, so then I will change the days around.

In simple terms the idea of carb cycling is that you are meant to “shock” the body with the sudden high amount of carb intake. Which in theory will cause your metabolism to easier utilize stored fat for energy and not carbohydrates and protein.

As well they say that this is the optimal diet for both getting lean and adding muscles.

I am going to change-up my training program as well, and follow a few tips I got from my DNA analysis. I will share this with you this week.

One thing I’m doing differently is to have heavy training days on low carb days (normally they say have high carb days on heavy training days) – and I will tell you why in the next blog post.

Stay tuned 🙂

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