Yesterday I wrote a quick brief on why fast food, cakes, biscuits.. Pretty much everything we people classify as unhealthy , isn’t really that unhealthy as we say it is (excludes sugary sweets such as gummy bears and sweets made with pretty much just sugar and glucose, they have no beneficial nutrients to your body). Take a piece of cake for example (preferably the one your mom made). Do you know how much protein it is in a piece of cake? No, normally you just think about all the sugar and the fat. And yes the sugar is bad. But there is so much other good stuff put together in that cake!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost people who decides to go on a diet, they normally go all in, cut out all “bad” foods and start to struggle pretty quickly. Going on a strict diet isn’t just hard, it is mentally hard. And it’s not really ideal. The biggest problem is that people can’t stick to it. Which is pretty understandable. You can of course live on just “healthy” foods for the rest of your life if you know how to make it taste amazing. But not all of us are a 5 star chef in our own kitchen. Another issue is that after a while your body may get used to your new way of eating, and saves on the calories you consume. Do you remember I wrote that I use half-fasting days as a weight loss tool time to time? You can also use “unhealthy” foods. Having a “cheat” meal as they like to call it these days, can do wonders to your fat loss. And why is this? In simple terms it’s basically just giving your body a shock of all the calories, macros and even sugar coming in to your body as your body is not used to this. The body quickly realises there is too much energy coming in and they need to speed up the process of breaking this down. But when there is an overload with energy, normally this would be stored as fat, but since the body is working on full speed, it will burn it all of if not even more. This is also a result from all the nutrients you have put in your body the previous days, your body will work better than it have ever done before as it had all the tools it needs for an optimal metabolism. And, the most important thing, by doing this you will most definitely stay on track and get the goals you are reaching for.

So if your diet consists of mainly home cooked nutritious foods, having a “cheat” meal or even a “cheat” day can be good for weight loss. But I will say, you are better of cooking that cheat meal yourself than buying a ready meal.


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