Every time I meet a new fellow human, you tell them your name, they tell theirs, what you do and so on. And EVERY single time I say I study Nutrition they say: “Id bet you wouldn’t approve of my diet!”.
I then continue to ask them; “So, how is your diet?”
Then suddenly, usually, they have a change of mind and say nah I do eat pretty healthy, like I am going to judge them one their eating habits.
But there was one time a man asked me; “I guess you wouldn’t approve that I drink a beer after work a few times a week”. I followed up asking him if that made him happy. And by a surprised face he said yes. “Hang on, why did you ask me that?”.
“Well if that after work beer makes you happy and most of your diet is based on whole foods I’m not going to say that one beer now and again is bad for you. If I took that beer away, you wouldn’t be happy.”

He walked away with a surprised happy face..


Healthy isn’t all about eating “the right things”. It’s all about balance. Youd be miserable eating “healthy” every day. Nothing is unhealthy. Really, except pure sugar, as it does not contain any nutrients that is beneficial to your body. Just empty energy. But then again, sugar has its benefits in some cases.

Lets take a McDonald’s meal to test. Most of us, if not everyone would classify a Big Mac meal as unhealthy. It isn’t unhealthy. It has fats, carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals. Which is all essential for your body. But it also has other stuff that isn’t essentials to your body. As we all now, it is highly processed. If your body could pick between a Big Mac and a homemade hamburger. It would of course go for the homemade burger. But what my point is, nothing is really unhealthy. Some foods are more ideal to your health and body than others. I’ve been eating McDonald’s 3 times a week before and kept my weight the same, if not even lost some fat. As the rest of my diet was based on home cooked meals made from scratch. I wouldn’t recommend for any to go to McDonald’s 3 times a week, not even once a week. But now and again, not an issue.


This is one thing that I hate about these health gurus/experts etc. They call what we classify as unhealthy foods as poison or rubbish. They look down at people who eat the “poisonous” foods and creating a bad community and a negative vibe. I’m not gonna lie and say I havent been one of those, because I have. I’ve been anti this and anti that. Good thing is that I have an open mind and like to educate myself.

So don’t ever feel bad or naughty if you decide you can’t be bothered to cook one day and any fast food seems like a good option. Just don’t make it a habit.

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