Hello Guys! Sorry for my absence. Things have been really busy the last few days. Christmas and exams are coming up, so not much spare time in my life right now! Hence the blog has been down prioritized. So coming up to exams I wont be updating that often. But you can follow me on snapchat (dinacelina) for every day updates! 🙂

But we are now on day 22 of the Ketogenic diet! The time has just flown by. And I must say its been pretty easy to stick to! #thankgod
Do you remember when I said I was going back to meal prepping? Well I have. And just by doing that I can see a huge difference in my body composition. The first two weeks or so of the ketogenic diet I pretty much ate when I was hungry, my meals didn’t really consist of a decent ratio protein and fats and greens. I just ate when I was hungry and whatever was available. I didn’t really feel like I was losing any weight or anything changed. However, just after a week of eating prepped meals (and this is not for every day) I can see a difference in my body. I feel leaner and more toned. If you have read my blog for a while, you might have read this blog post? Where I wrote based on studies that it doesn’t matter if you eat 6 or 2 times a day? Well, personally, from what I’ve experienced. I do feel your body get a greater benefit from eating more well-balanced meals a day. But since I havent counted calories, I do not know how much I consumed before vs now. I don’t know if it is about the calories or more what kind of macros you consume. But being consistent is really the key to weight loss and/or muscle-building.
This just shows you that you cant always trust a study on their findings. Sometimes you have to try out for yourself and find real life results. And again, everyone is different. Eating two meals a day might be what is optimal for you.


Another thing that I was a bit concerned about doing the ketogenic diet is that I was afraid Id feel “flat”. As I wont have any glycogen stored in my body. However, I do not feel flat at all, I actually feel more muscular, but this can also be because I feel leaner. But I am filling up my glycogen stores over the weekend I would say, as I have gone out for some drinks the last two weekends, this of course could have an impact. But one thing that is different, is that my veins are pretty much non existing. If you have more muscles on your body and a low body fat %, your veins will be more if not a lot more visible, and they used to be more visible than what they are now. Personally, I like veins popping out when lifting, and can’t really see them anymore.

– D.

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