So lucky me got an early christmas present delivered to my door yesterday. A friend of mine got me the Fitnessgene DNA testing kit ! I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time now, but never got around to actually get it done. So you could only imagine how excited I got when this showed up at my door!

So what is it? Its basically testing your genes on how your body respond to diet and exercise. As my favorite saying is – everyone is different. We are all made up with different combinations of genes. Resulting in that some people will find it easier to lose weight, gain muscles etc. While others can have difficulties. It’s not a confidence that we have the top athletes, pro fitness people and “Alex” who can lift a cucumber and grow muscles.

From Fitnessgenes website:

At FitnessGenes, we use the combination of your DNA and relevant lifestyle data to make evidence-based recommendations on the type of diet and exercise strategies that are most likely to be effective for you. Looking to shed fat or build muscle? Our scientific approach to optimal fitness will personalise your plans and can help you reach your goals easier and faster.

FitnessGenes tests and services are designed to empower, not scare.


 You simply order the kit, it gets delivered to your door and you spit in the sample and send it back. Then you will get a personalised analysis of your DNA.

Once your DNA test is complete you’ll have access to actionable advice that will help you make big changes to your diet, and to your workouts. Using your genetic results we will inform you on how to structure your diet, discuss which foods and supplements you should consider or avoid, and how best to burn fat and stay lean and healthy. Finally you will be given targeted advice on how to structure resistance exercise into your daily routine, and be given a four week program to get you started.

I sent my kit back today and I will let you know what my results are. I do know my body really well, so it will be interesting to see if the analysis will confirm what I already know.


At the moment they do 50 % of the kits (there are a few different plans you can buy) until 7th of December! A fantastic christmas gift to someone who loves the fitness lifestyle!

PS. How valid this is I do not know. I only have to wait to see my analysis and test out what they recommend. Time will tell.

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  1. I’d love to do this! Interested in how valid the results will be!

    1. Me too!!

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