Afternoon friends. It’s already Wednesday and I am planning to start a new diet on Monday already! And I’m going to do the Ketogenic diet! I will write-up a more detailed post about the diet either today or tomorrow. I will say I have done more or less a keto diet before, although I havent been in deep ketosis, which I hope to achieve this time.

I will start of with fat fasting(I will explain in next post what this is) for the first 3 days(if I remember correctly) to be able to be in ketosis quickly and then go over to a ketogenic diet. For you that don’t know what a ketogenic diet is, it’s basically your dietary intake is mainly from fat sources, moderate protein and very low carb(up to 15 g a day max but this depends on each person). So don’t confuse yourself with a low carb and a ketogenic diet! These are two different diets! The ketogenic diet will make your body use fat as energy instead of glucose. So this diet is probably? the “quickest” way to lose unwanted body fat. This is not a crash diet, it is a lifestyle. The Anabolic diet, carb back loading and carb nite is also based on a ketogenic diet, however carbs are used as an intake on specific days or times. So one of these will probably be the next diet to go for.



Anyway, no gym today! Rest day and more carbs are going to be consumed(will talk more about this in a future post). Now Im off to have a skin treatment for an unwanted spot on my nose I’ve had for the past 4 years! So will probably be looking like Rudolf the next few days, so don’t expect any selfies 😉

ALSO! You can now vote on what diet your are more interested in here. So I know more or less which diets to do in what order. You can vote as many times you like and also add another diet if there is one I havent mentioned?

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