Today Im happy. It is Saturday, the weather is lovely, I had a good sleep(and a pretty long lie in) and now just finished a lovely breakfast with a cup of coffee while reading todays news and hearing my new neighbour playing guitar and singing(not exactly lovely) through the wall. If you have followed me on snapchat(dinacelina) you are probably aware of my other neighbours who are pretty active in the bedroom. You can say Im flat hunting at the moment. ha.


I am now going to get myself ready for a gym sesh, then my plan is to go and check out the farmers market. Hopefully get some uni work done today as well, exams are coming up so I better get my head in the books pretty soon. Although tonight I might actually let my hair down and go out with some friends. Last time I did that, I honestly cant remember. It was months ago! And Im already cringing about the fact of being hungover tomorrow, although spending a good fun night with your friends it is absolutely worth it.



Enjoy the lovely day today, do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Its the perfect day for it.

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