My weekend has been pretty adventurous. Had a walk down to the farmers market on Saturday, a fairly small one, but got myself a crab for lunch. Getting fresh seafood is a luxury to me.

Later on I went to a friend’s house had some drinks before we went out. Ended up pretty bloody, as drunken me(who is not used to the alcohol) ended up falling over which resulted in a heavy nose bleed and a cut on my nose. You could say I was pretty late up with my Halloween costume this year. It was blood everywhere. Oh dear. So after a 2 day hangover I’m now back on track. Made myself a lovely keto friendly soup earlier, will share that later on the blog tonight.






To give you an update on the ketogenic diet, I obviously have fallen out of ketosis when having a drink. I’ve found out the only quick way to get back in ketosis is to eat pretty much just food that contains a high amount of fat. Just as I did when fat fasting. But in the end of the day it is a pretty good diet to follow, although I do not think this is a diet I would like to continue with.

Happy Monday!


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