Hi Guys!
I was going to write-up a detailed blog post about the ketogenic diet, but I unfortunately wont have time today! Apologies! However, I promise it will posted tomorrow.
Anyway, I am going to tell you a little bit about how Im going to do the diet. I went to boots today to get myself some ketostix. You can get down for just under 5 pounds for 50 strips. They are to measure ketone bodies(this will be explained in next post) in your urine. To see how deep you are in ketosis(or even if you are in ketosis). The darker the colour, the deeper your are. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to get in deep ketosis(purple). But I spoke to an old friend and trainer today, and he said if I get in the purple colour, you risk to lose muscle as your body will start to break down muscle tissue. Obviously, this is something I do not want to achieve. So I need to look a bit further into this.



So as I mentioned earlier I will start the diet with fat fasting. This is to get myself quickly into ketosis(if possible) as it can actually take weeks to get yourself keto adapted. The first 3 days(I might do even up to 5 days if I’m not achieving ketosis in 3 days) of the diet i will consume most of my calories from fat. Up to 80-90 % ! And the rest from protein. It will be very little calories, ca 1000-1200. And I will also do steady state cardio and high reps, easy weight at the gym. This is to “get rid of” all the stored glycogen in my body.

Moving on, I got myself some quest bars today as well! eek! I’m absolutely obsessed with these. I mean O B S E S S E D ! I got mine at Spartan Gym in Edinburgh for only 15 pounds! 15 pounds people, that is a bargain! Cheapest I’ve gotten them for before is 20 pounds, and I consider that a pretty decent price since they normally cost 2.50 pounds a piece. So if you live in Edinburgh, get yourself down to Spartan Gym before they get sold out!


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