So we are on the second day of fat fasting and it’s actually going better than expected. I checked my ketone levels yesterday afternoon and I had already got traces of ketones in my body after just half a day. Which is much quicker than expected. However, since I’m eating a lot fewer calories than normal, you will easily get traces of ketones in the blood stream as the body needs to start to break down fat for energy. Even if you were on a diet with carbs in it and having low-calorie consumption or fasting you would be having traces of ketones in your blood stream.


And, I have lost 1.4 kg (just over 2 pounds) since yesterday! Although this is not all fat (I do not really feel any leaner). I would assume only a small percentage is fat and the rest water, intestinal mass and carbohydrates. But I think it’s still a very high number to go down on in just 24 hours. Looking forward to see how my weight will be when the fat fast is over.
Yesterday I ate about 80 % fats and 20 % protein. This is what I had:
  • 3 tbsp. double cream
  • 3 coffees
  • One packet of brie cheese
  •  1 tbsp. peanut butter
  • 2 slices of bacon
  • 2 tbsp. butter
  • 4 eggs
And this added up to just over 1200 kcal. Eating 80-90 % fat is actually hard. I ended up putting butter in my coffee at the end of the day to add more fats in! (it didn’t taste bad if you wondered)

I also feel a lot better than expected. I’m not having any cravings, it’s fairly easy to stick to and I do not have a problem seeing my friend eating a scone next to me. I’m actually having a good time. Although yesterday I felt horribly tired. But that is probably a combination of lack of sleep, not eating any carbs, lower calorie intake and a busy day. I also feel satisfied when I eat, although I do not feel “full”. I feel like I could easily eat a whole pizza by myself without having any issues, although this is the difference with feeling full and satisfied that I’ve written about in a earlier blog post. I kinda feel like my stomach couldn’t be any flatter.

As I mentioned previously, one of my fellow nutrition students are also going through the ketogenic diet with me. He started on Sunday. He is already in deep ketosis and lost over a stone (6kg)! Although he misses his carbs, he is sticking to it.

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