A lot of people want to get a six-pack. When I started my fitness journey this was something I thought Id could never achieve. I thought I had to have very low body fat % and I thought it was nearly impossible to have 365 days a year. Lucky for me I was wrong!

It was about 1.5 years ago when I could say I got my six-pack. And man was I happy. I’ve remember Id never felt so good about my body before! It was a dream come true!

A lot of people think that having six-pack all year around is nearly impossible, unless you are a proper gym bunny, watch what you eat etc. Yes this is true if you want to have ripped abs all year around, but not necessarily if you just want visible abs.

Today you can see I have abs, not defined abs though, as Ive got a nice layer of body fat on my stomach. But you can still see them! The key is that you have to build volume, you have to build muscles on those abs. The bigger they are, the more you will see them, even if you have some body fat around your abdomen.

I train my abs about 3-4 times a week, 3 sets 15 reps one exercise only. But I train them until I feel more or less sick. In my opinion, abs are the worst muscles to train. I hate training abs. I do legs over abs any day ha.  Theyre not a big muscle, so getting them activated quickly is pretty easy. It feels like pins and needles. Pretty much the same feeling when you train shoulders.

If you want to get a six-pack you have to build on muscles. To do so train them hard and heavy. And eat.

The first two pics here is taken a 3-4 weeks ago(I think they are a little bit more defined right now), you can see they are not ripped, but you can see some definition.

The ones above was in the beginning/middle of my 2nd bikini prep. I can easily get those back if I train and eat consistently for a month or so.

The ones underneath are when the week/day before my bikini competition in May this year. My body fat is obviously very low plus I’ve been carbloading etc.

The pictures underneath is from last year, when I first got my six-pack and from my first bikini competition. As you can see, they are smaller in size than than what they are now.

When I put weight back on last year, my abs disappeared within a week. It’s now nearly 6 months after my 2nd bikini comp and I’m probably 6-7 kg heavier and can still see my abs! I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it gives me great pleasure.


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