So we are 2 weeks in to the rebuild diet and I absolutely hate it. And I cant wait to be finished with it. 1st week I went through terrible caffeine withdrawals, 2nd week I somehow managed to get a cold and we are now in the beginning of week 3, the cold is still there and for the past 2 weeks I have only been to the gym 3 times(!!). If you are a gym bunny you can only imagine how much I itch to get back. I do apologise for the late update, but I have pretty much just spent my time indoors over the weekend with my face glued to the TV. You can say I didn’t really have anything exciting to share or was any inspired to write.

Anyhow, no need for moaning, and even though my body feels like it needs to be in bed all day, I’m still smiling. Crossing my fingers that I will back to business tomorrow.

So how do I really feel being on this diet? Not any greater to be honest, as I’ve stated I’m not particularly enjoying it. I’m eating a lot of fruit(probably 200g carbs from fruit and vegetables a day), which does make me feel very bloated sometimes, even tho its only for a short period and not as bad if I ate a whole bowl of pasta.
Other than that I do find that some vegetables don’t agree with me and gives me a pins and needle feeling in my stomach after eating it(mange tout). Also feel very hungry all the time. Even if I’m bloated on fruit I still don’t feel like I’m properly full. AND My visits to the loo are waaay more active than before. 3 times a day people.
As this diet is mainly designed for people with autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities and leaky gut problems, I don’t really think healthy people would have a massive benefit from it. Me personally cant wait to get back on the protein shakes and some oatmeal.

Ps. Think I’m going for the Ketogenic diet after this one! Although I will have some sort of break in between the diets, I havent decided exactly how long for, but I reckon maybe 1-2 weeks . We will see.

Let me know what you think in the comments!





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