Have you ever been on a “successful” diet, lost a few kg or more, but gained some if not all of it back again? I think most of us have. Or maybe you went on a diet, and the weight loss suddenly stopped?
I’m going to tell you why, or my theory.

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The body is incredibly smart. And have all sorts of ways to change about to make sure it functions the way it wants to work. However you try to manipulate it.

If you say from now on I’m only going to consume X amount of calories, and you stick to it and you do see results. You stick to it for several days, several weeks or even months. You reach your goal weight. Congratulations, its time to celebrate my new body. Old habits come back to play and tada, back where you started. I guess you already knew this huh? Well why is this? And why is it that Sally is overweight but only eat 1000 calories a day and not losing any weight?
Because the body is amazingly clever. If you start on a X amount calorie diet, maybe taking of 500 calories(which is stupid if you ask me) of your normal daily food intake, you will lose weight. But the body start to understand that it will only get X amount of calories a day, so it changes around and it will slow down your metabolism because you are telling the body this is the only amount of calories you are gonna get! #mindblown
But we also have to take in to consideration that calorie is NOT a calorie. Some calories will make you lose weight and some will make you gain. I will get deeper into that in a future blog post.
This is why I don’t want to count calories for my diet experiment, I do not want to calculate everything I eat. I know it works for a lot of people – especially fitness people keeping their body in check. But I do not think it is ideal for everyone and I also think its good for the body to be “surprised” with different amount of calories everyday.
Myself gets obsessed with what I eat and I also feel guilty if I count calories and know I have consumed too much. And that is not healthy. The main point of my diet experiment is to find a way of eating – a healthy lifestyle – that I can easily follow and have a great body on top of it. Just to clarify my experiment is NOT to find out an easy way out to weight loss – it has to be a lifestyle! If you are gonna change your dietary intake because you want to have a slimmer figure – you have to see yourself doing this 5 years from now. Its gotta be a way of living – a lifestyle. 

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