One day. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is something my bank account don’t agree with right now. But I want to write about it as I think it is important.


I was never “blessed” with a decent set of breasts. Although all the other women in my family was, I was the one with the small boobs. And this ended up being my biggest insecurity. However I have never had an issue showing them(could in all honesty publish them without the sensor, but I think certain men in my life(dad and boyfriend) wouldnt appreciate that. I do sunbathe topless and I have never been embarrassed about people seeing them(boobs are boobs, people see them everyday and mines aren’t the most exciting to look at). But, I have never felt comfortable with them.


In the fitness industry so many of the girl who compete do get boob jobs – as we do lose them. And I completely understand why. For someone who never had a nice pair of breast and ending up losing nearly all she had – its pretty divesting. 


Before I started my fitness journey, I was actually 2 cup sizes bigger than what I am now. After my first bikini prep I unfortunately lost the little I had and they never came back. All my bras are now way to big, and I havent shopped for a new bra in probably 2 years as it actually makes me sad picking out the smallest bra size. So now I use my oversized bras or most of the time I don’t even bother wearing one. Although there is a lot of negativity around plastic surgery – which I can understand when it’s getting out of hand – But for some people – like myself – It’s hard to actually accept the fact that I can’t look the way I want to look.
I personally think its great we have the opportunities we have nowadays. I am for plastic surgery and I greet the people who decides to go under the knife, as I do not think it is an easy decision – regardless of how much the person hates their nose, breasts, lips etc..


They say love what you was born with, but I wasn’t born with the body I have today. This body I worked hard for. I worked by butt of every week for years to have the body I have today. If I could train my boobs bigger I would! Well I can, but it wouldn’t exactly look very feminine if you know what I mean.

One time I went to a modelling casting and the woman said to me glamour was out of the picture for me as I clearly didn’t own breasts at all. Even though I wouldn’t like to do that kind of modelling, it was very painful another person telling me that I have no boobs. If I’m too skinny I can easily put weight on, if my bum is too small I can build muscles, but when someone tells me my boobs are non existing, I can only pay and go under the knife.
This isn’t something I want to do for my boyfriend, social media or whoever else that thinks I lack in the breast department. This is something I want to do for myself. This is what I want.

I want to clarify that I’m not wanting to get massive Pamela Anderson boobs one day. I simply just want to have a nice pair of breasts so I can feel proper feminine. 

Whats your opinion?


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  1. Diablo says: Reply

    Don’t do it – you look amazing as you are

    1. Thank you. Although this is something Ive been wanting since my middle teenage years. However, It might be a long time before it will actually happen!

  2. Hi, I think you are good looking just the way you are, but if it will make you feel better, I say og for it 😉

  3. I actually found this blog post because I’ve been looking into the surgery as well. My sister was blessed with height and boobs…and I got the shitty end of the deal. I’ve joked about having it done for a while, but I’ve become more serious about it in the last few months. I agree with you – I don’t want massive Pamela Anderson boobs, but I want to feel more feminine. That’s all 🙂

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