After much consideration, I decided to break the diet ten days before. And my reason for this is that I did not feel my best on this diet. First week I was struggling with severe caffeine withdrawals and the following two weeks I have had a bad cold. Probably just pure coincidence, however my daily energy intake has been fairly lower than when I go to the gym. As you probably understood – I havent been in the gym for the past two weeks.(eek!)

And after calculating how much money I have spent on food the past three weeks and considering my cold is away and I will be back in the gym and my food intake will increase. I simply cannot afford it. Guess how much I’ve spent? Nearly 240 pounds!
? In three weeks! But I do eat a bit more than an average person. But 240 pounds on veg, meat and fruit in three weeks..! Jesus!

rebuild diet

Anyway, my whole point with this diet experiment is to find a lifestyle. The Rebuild diet was mainly to find out if I had any food sensitivities and get an understand how it is to go through it. Trust me, its way harder than a competition prep.
But for the coming up diets – I will be doing them like they were a normal part of my diet, still be able to eat out, go for a drink or two, social gatherings and so on.
I will post a more detailed summary of The Rebuild Diet later on this week.

BUT! I will still stay away from caffeine for the next eight days. That was actually the easy part.(minus the withdrawals obviously)

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