Happy Thursday folks. 
Today I’m spending my day inside, covered up in comfy clothes and blankets. Yes you guessed it, this lady have managed to get a cold. How on earth I’ve gotten this considering how much vitamins and minerals I’m currently consuming is a mystery. However, I do actually easily get a cold. I’m a very cold person and I can sit in a room shivering while my boyfriend sits in a t-shirt and I’m freezing underneath a blanket. Why that is? You tell me.



So yesterday I decided to try making chia pudding. And oh my I am hooked! And I recommend for you to try it as well! Not only is it a perfect healthier dessert/breakfast/brunch option, chia seeds are very nutritious.
Here are some benefits for chia seeds:
  • 1 serving (28g) has 11 grams of fiber! Which is great! Read more about fiber in a earlier blog post here.
  • And nearly all the carbs in chia seeds are fiber:
100g chia seeds: Carbs 42.1 g – Sugar ~ – Fiber 34.4 g
  • Low-carb friendly
  • Good amount of protein
  • High in omega 3
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • High in magnesium, calcium and phosphorus which is important for bone health

So to make chia pudding you need 3 things: 
  • 1 part Chia seeds
  • 4 parts Some sort of milk (coconut, almond, cow etc..)
  • Sweetener to taste (Honey, maple etc..)
Mix together, let it set for 10 min, mix again, cover up and refrigerate over night(or at least 2-3 hours). Top with fruit and/or nuts and enjoy!
If you made a big batch it can last covered up in the fridge for 4-5 days.


Meyer-Lemon-Chia-Pudding(photos are not mine)

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