I went to the gym today to do a light full body workout – 40 minutes in the gym and I hated every second of it. Even though I do love going to the gym, sometimes I do not enjoy it. Especially if I’m not feeling 100 %. Still have a small dull headache time to time and also I woke up Wednesday morning feeling of a shooting pain in my spine and it hasn’t gotten any better. And I have no idea why that have happened, but hopefully it will pass, fingers crossed. So because of that I wasn’t particularly enjoying the gym. But please note I do take caution in the gym if I’m injured.

Anyhow, last night I discovered how to make an amazing dessert! I have a horrible sweet tooth. And I always try to experiment with healthier options to settle my sugar cravings.

I simply cut up some apples and added cinnamon, cardamom, lemon juice and some sweet syrup(honey, maple syrup, or the one you can see below) mix together and fry it for a few minutes in some oil(I used almond oil)

Absolutely delicious! And you would think it was made with sugar!

Note that I have never found ground cardamom in the UK, so this is something I always buy when I’m back in Norway to bring back with me, as I simply use it everyday in my cooking. It gives a lovely flavour. But of course not essential for this.

Tonight I’m going to cook soup for dinner, if it turns out alright(delicious) I’ll share with you the recipe.




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  1. Deniza says: Reply

    Hi dear 🙂 Your blog is very interesting, good job! These apples look delicious, I’ll try them out for sure 🙂 Keep it up and have a great weekend! xoxo Deniza

    1. Thanks a lot hun! 🙂 just had another bowl of them they are unbelievably good! X

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