So if you havent noticed by now I study BSc Nutrition at Queen Margaret UNiversity. I am surrounded by fellow nutrition students nearly every day. We all want to learn about nutrition and the science behind it. Although, I personally think not everything about nutrition is scientific. As I always say people are different – same bodies but different outcomes. Anyway, not what I was going to talk about..

We were having this seminar the other day and the lecturer was talking about protein shakes, that most of the people using them take them on top of their daily diets. I first thought, hang on, why on earth would you want to do that? I was like I always count my protein shakes into my daily intake, obviously. It never occurred to me that people actually think you need that on top of your daily intake. Then another person mentioned that he knows people taking a protein shake just after working out – let me refrase this – they have to, because that is just what you do. What?!

Alright lets just make a few things clear here:

  • You do not need much protein if you are not serious about muscle-building. I personally try to get around 140 grams of protein a day and I want to build muscle. And that number just came from trying out. I’ve been up to 250 g of protein a day which is just stupid for a normal lifestyle. Even if you are a man! If you are not into muscle-building, I would say 70-100g of protein should do it. And you should be able to get that from your daily food intake and not protein shakes(unless you really like them)
  • Do not eat protein bars/shakes/pancakes/smoothies or whatever on top of you daily intake. Calculate it in your diet.
  • You should not eat/drink protein straight after your work out.
    After exercise there’s a substantial increase in the level of circulating free fatty acids coming from adipose tissue, and unless these are mobilized to the liver and muscle for final utilization, most of them will be re-esterified into triglycerides and re-deposited back in the fat tissues.
    Yes, all your hard work to burn fat will be wasted! In order to grant an effective completion of the fat-burning process you must manipulate your muscle to suck in the circulating free fatty acids that were released by exercise. And the way to do that is to wait for 30-60 minutes after exercise before having your recovery meal.(credit: Jerry Ward)
    And there has been plenty of studies shown that it doesn’t matter when you get the protein after your workout as long as you get it in at some point.

  • Heres an article about protein intake for you gymbunnies: The myth of 1g/lb: Optimal Protein Intake for Bodybuilders

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