Soothing Saturday

This afternoon I went for brunch with my good friend Ross. Ross is one of the first people I became friends with after I moved to Edinburgh, and our friendship are still growing strong 🙂
Although not long after me and Ross meet, he found out I was starting university the coming fall to study nutrition. Little did we both know that we are equally(ok maybe him a bit more) obsessed with nutrition. I’m telling you, this guy has never taken a nutrition course or done anything educational with nutrition, he has self thought himself. And that I tip my hat off for, as he always got an answer or at least a theory if I got a nutrition related question to ask.
Anyway, you can probably imagine our conversations is mainly about nutrition, diets etc.. Ross has thought me and introduced me to so many areas of nutrition. He actually introduced me to ´the rebuild diet`.

So, when I start my diet project I have asked Ross if he will take part of this by writing up a post of his point of views, scientific views, what he beliefs or what theories are out there for each diet. I don’t know exactly how it will turn out, but I know I’m very excited for it. He has an incredible mind. So before each diet you will get a guest blog post written by Ross. 




As you can see Ross likes to give me loads of books. He has pretty much given me homework for my diet experiment. But, it is so so educational and interesting.

Anyway, is Saturday and it is going to be a fairly chilled one. Some housekeeping needs to be done, a nap would be nice and maybe a little sesh in the gym. I hope you guys liked my post yesterday, I can understand it can get a bit heavy for someone, but do not worry, I wont alway be posting long posts like that, I’m going to try to find a nice balance.



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  1. I am obsessed with #healthyeating and nutrition. What is the rebuild diet?

    1. Read previous post. ‘The diet experiment begins’ the whole diet will be posted 3rd or 4th of October

      1. Beautiful. Thank you.

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