It’s now just one week until my diet experiment start. And I’m very excited. I’m excited to see how my body will transform – good or bad. But most of all I’m eager to see how my energy levels will change. Not only for the rebuild diet, but for all of them. Right now I could really do with some more energy to be honest. As a full-time student, working two jobs, going to the gym most days, taking care of two pets and a boyfriend, it can be very tiring some times. And on top of it now Im trying to run this blog on a somewhat full time hobby as well, which does take a lot of time and planning.

dina1 – Version 2

Anyway, just finishing a bowl with some oats and protein before hitting the gym before its time for bed.
Again, if there is anything you want me to write about during my experiment that I havent mentioned and if there is any other diets out there you think I should give a go, hit me with a comment. Have a lovely evening folks.

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