We have all heard it since we can remember – “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Newsflash: It’s not. We have heard it speeds up the metabolism, it gives us more energy and so on. Will technically some of this is true, however, skipping breakfast can be a good weight loss tool. As if you do not consume any calories hours after you’ve woken up, the body needs to find energy from other places, such as your fat stores or stored glycogen in the liver.

Where the eating breakfast will make you lose weight and healthier comes from is probably people who do eat breakfast are more health conscious and do watch what they eat. Maybe the majority of the people who doesn’t eat breakfast don’t really watch what they eat – and will consume too many or the “wrong”(e.g.too much sugar) calories during the day.

However, eating breakfast is necessary for many people to function in the morning. Me personally sometimes eat breakfast and sometimes I skip it. I actually love breakfast, but I tend to fast to around afternoon time if I know im going to have a larger meal later that day, if I’m not hungry or I ate a bit too much the day before. Here is where one of the diets from my experiment is going to come in: Intermittent fasting – where you only eat during certain hours a day, and fast for the rest. Most of the people who practise this don’t eat until late afternoon. For example eat from 3pm-9pm and fast from 9pm-3pm. And they use this diet as a weight loss tool and to maintain their body weight. Ill get deeper into this when Im going to try this diet out.

Either way, if you do eat or do not eat breakfast, neither is wrong or right – as long as your daily food intake is overall nutritious.

To read a study supporting this blog post click here.

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