Yes that’s correct. You do not have to spend hours in the gym every week to meet your goals. It’s all about training smarter, not necessarily more.
Why do I know this? Because I used to train 6 days a week and at one point I was training every single day from 1.5-2 hours! Where I found the time is one thing, but how I didn’t wear myself out is another.

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Now, I train max 3-5 hours a week, most of my workouts are from 30-45 min and I normally have 2-3 rest days. And I see MUCH better results than when training every single day. I used to believe more is better. But that isn’t exactly the case. Recovery days are equally important as training days. You have to let the muscle tissue have time to heal again and build up. If you are in the gym training nearly every single day you will not let the muscle tissue have time to recover properly, and as of that you will not build any muscles – well you will, but the progress will be much slower. Just think of it in simple terms. You break down the muscle tissue when you work out, after the muscle tissue have to grow back and  you consume protein for it to grow bigger. If you interrupt this process you will only slow down the process.
But of course some people out there – I like to call them super people – the pro fitness people who can lift hours and hours a day 7 days a week and grow and grow – because they have been blessed with amazing genes that makes them recover much quicker than us others. I do envy them.
It is all very individual with growing muscles, losing weight etc. We are all made up with different kind of genes and that is what plays a big factor. You look in the fitness and health magazines with articles of famous fitness models and bodybuilders telling you to train like this and eat like that, because that is how they got the body they have now – that doesn’t mean it will work for you!  Think people.
But one thing I want to point out that you have to train harder if that 30-40 min workout will be of any true benefit. Those 30 min should feel like a 1-1.5 hour work out. You shouldnt be able to do another set or exercise. Lift to failure and you will see results quicker. With some cardio here and there an optimal nutritional diet along side you will have your dream body in no time.

Disclaimer: I do not say this is the absolute right thing to do, this is what I think is best as of personal experience. I personally have a hard time putting on muscles and found that training less but harder is ideal for me. You have to find out what is optimal for you – Im just sharing my experience.

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