Dieting and healthy eating can become an obsession. Especially if you are in the fitness world. There are so many different diets out there, some better than other, one more extreme than another. Its a bit sick to be honest. When I dieted down for my show in May, there was times I couldnt stop thinking about food, note that I am a foodie and I do think about food all the time but it came to a point where it became mentally exhausting. I ended up researching if I actually had to consume 6 meals a day, regards to my previous post I stopped that, some days I had 4 meals some days 5 or 6. Although I still consumed the amount of calories I was meant to be eating, just with fewer bigger meals. Just that took a big burden off my shoulders.

Im always online reading about new diets and lifestyles everyday, to see if there is anything new to the market and also educate myself in different types of lifestyles(diets). For instance, yesterday I read about the banana diet, eat over 30 bananas a day. I like bananas, but 30+ bananas a day?!’ Jeez!

 Earlier this year I decided to do a diet experiment and Im gonna take that into action later this year. Probably in October as I got 2nd place in UKBFF Scottish Championship and got an invite to the British Finals in October, so will have to start cutting again very soon. So an diet experiment wouldnt be good to start right now.
I dont know how long this experiment will take, as there is quite a few I want to try out. And I want to do them for 30 days. The reason for this is I want to find out what diet is best for staying healthy, lean and still gaining muscles. And what would work for me and give me a more relaxed relationship to food. After my competition Ive been eating a lot just because I can, not because I wanted it but because Im “allowed”. Trust me, these cutting diets for competition mess up with your head quite a lot. But on the plus side, as I was sober for 5 months, and got to proper know the benefits of that,  now I actually prefer to stay sober. But I will write more about that in another post.
If there is any diets you would like me to try please comment below.

Heres a few diets that will take part in my diet experiment:
– The Anabolic Diet
– Full Keto (start off with fat fasting)
– Carb Cycling 
– Rebuild Diet
– Vegetarian
– Vegan
– Raw Diet
– Intermittent fasting
– Carb nite
– The Blood Type Diet

As you can see there is quite a few I want to try, here is 10 months of different diets! I havent decided if this will be in one go or it will be spaced out. Also havent decided which one Im going to start off with first, but I think The Rebuild Diet would be a good starting point. I will write up a proper description of each diet and also everyday meal plans when I start the project. Maybe you want to join me?
Note flexible dieting is a very popular lifestyle in the fitness world; you have a certain amount of fat, carbs and protein you have each day, you can eat whatever you want as long as it fits your macros and hit your fibre intake(30g+ a day). Although this works great for a lot of people, I know myself and I cant count calories and be on my fitnesspal everyday as it makes me obsessed, so even though I think this is a great lifestyle, it is not for me. As this experiment is to find out what works best for me, and let you guys know how they all work and maybe you can find something that would suit you.
But I must say, looking at the vegetarian, vegan and the raw diet I can now say that I do not think those would be anything for me, as I do love meat and eat a lot of it. But, I dont know until I try.
Please let me know in the comments below what you want me to start off with or if there is any other diets you think I should give a go.

As for the moment Im gonna stop eating everything just because I can and eat healthy as normal, maybe do small experiments here and there, right now Im going to consume a lot of liquid meals to give my digestion a bit of a rest and see if I can get rid of that extra fat Ive gained after my competition because of all the carbs and wine Ive been consuming.
Ill keep you posted.
Stay Happy!

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