When Monday arrived I was already thinking of what was going to happen next weekend. Who was I gonna go out with and where? My life was surrounded by the weekend – I lived by the weekend as they say. When I was living in Tenerife, it didnt matter if it was Tuesday or Saturday, everyday was a weekend! I never thought of the negative impact the alcohol, neither the amount of calories I was consuming.  As I hope you all know that alcohol are very calorie dense.
Hangovers was “normal”. Yes you felt like shite, some days worse than others. But you got on with it, as the benefits of the night before was better? Was it?

Last year I did my first 3 months sober, this was big for me, especially living in Tenerife. There was times I used to drink everyday and my life was surrounded with alcohol and going out. Im not gonna lie, I found it really hard not being able to enjoy a drink. Also thinking of that most social stuff has alcohol involved in it. There was a few friends I didnt see during that time just because I couldnt go out and drink. It wasnt any different this year. This year I was sober from 1st of January to 24th of May. But this time, it was surprisingly easy. I dont know if it had anything to do with that I was living in a different place, a different country. Or that I had other people to surround myself with? Still, there was a few people I didnt see during that time as well. Why? I dont know.

On the competition day I had loads to drink, I was actually a bit tipsy on stage. I went out for a bit on the night because I had to and I could. After falling asleep a few times on my man, it was time to go home. The next day I felt like I have always felt when having a hungover, and I hated it. The last few weeks Ive been drinking a lot of alcohol, again, just because I can. Yes I enjoyed it when I was sipping on my wine glass, but the next day, oh I feel horrible, you all know the feeling. And I must say I miss the feeling of waking up feeling fresh, not feeling like I want to spend the day in my bed. Even just having a few glasses of wine and some drinks makes me feel not 100 %. And I do not like that. And by saying that, Id rather not drink, Id rather stay sober, waking up every morning feeling my best and have that amazing feeling of feeling alive, that you certainly dont have when youre hangover.

Saying that it would be a lie if I said Ill never drink again. Of course I will, I love fine wine, a good gin and tonic or a liquor coffee. But I will without a doubt cut down dramatically.
Going out drinking seems like a bit of a chore for me now, maybe a bit sad to say, I do like putting on lovely makeup a nice dress and go out having fun, but I cant stand the next day. I hate it, I absolutely hate it. I can go the whole day regretting it. I hate it. I think it from now on it would be a diet drink with some lime in my glass than a gin and tonic.

Also do not forget I work out nearly every day and I want to build muscles, alcohol doesnt really help that progress. Alcohol can make it hard for the body to absorb nutrients and also impairs protein synthesis, which is very important for muscle growth. Although saying that, alcohol also have certain health benefits, if it is consumed in moderation.

Alcohol is a part of our life and it tastes delicious if you ask me. But we do drink too much and should really cut down. I used to be one of those who thought it was “funny” if I had a black out as because I had too many shots of tequila the night before and couldnt remember all the “funny things” I did, or even worse, the not so cool things I did and ended up being paranoid for days later(with a 3 day hangover) Life is precious, and you shouldnt miss any of it. 
Im writing this as I used to be one of those who loved to go out drinking, “party hard” and see how many shots I could drink in one go(10 tequilas in a row is my record so far). In my prep I thought I was going to go back to that, as I missed the alcohol. I see back and I can tell you I was very wrong.

Enjoy the fine wine and the expensive whisky, but not to a point when you miss a day or regret things you shouldnt say.

Stay happy.

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