Next week, NEXT WEEK GUYS! Its showtime! Time has gone so quick I cant believe it. But its great. So so excited about it(and you are probably fed up of hearing that). This weeks diet is a bit stricter, and its gonna be even stricter next week. I need to be careful with absolutely everything i put in my body. But its so fascinating to see what food and diet can do with your body.
I will probably not be 110 % ready for stage, meaning that im missing some muscles here and there. Like, i built this body in just about 3 months, and gaining muscles takes its time. But im doing it because i always wanted to, and i will gain so much experience from this to the next one, and the next one and the next one 🙂 Best and hardest thing ive ever done.
 I simply cant wait till after the competition, when i can eat more, carb up more and get bigger! Dont worry, im not wanting to become “bigbig”. Speaking of carbs, its high carb day again tomorrow! Im not planning to cook loads of stuff tomorrow, except for my fabulous pancakes. Just eat loads of donuts and pizza and cookies and pasta and ye. Everything. 🙂
Gym now is twice a day, cardio in the morning and lifting in the afternoon followed by more cardio. Im not blessed with superfast metabolism, so cardio it is for me. But it will be less and less later. (thank god)
Anyway, gonna hit the shower and sleep in my new sheets and wake up like a queen tomorrow, do my fasted morning cardio and eat for the rest of the day. Leaving some bad quality webcam photos for ya.

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