So, everyday I get a lot of questions in how on earth did I get the body Ive got? Well, first of all, its all on you, you gotta really want it, more than ever. You gotta put in the effort with your food shopping, food prepping and eating clean and healthy. Thats the most important thing. But you also have to go to the gym and build up some muscles to tone up your body and boost that metabolism, remember, the more muscles you have got, the faster the metabolism. And you might even have to do a few hours of cardio a week. But the big problem is, you cant find the effort to go to the gym. You find all these ridiculous excuses not to go. Dont worry, Ive made loads of them. We all have.
I started to workout in january 2013 with the intention of losing fat and build muscles. First two months i lost 10 kg like it was nothing. I was on a lowcarb diet and thought that would give me the fitness model body i was working so hard for. I have never been more wrong. After roughly 6 months of not much more results in my training I decided to invest in a personal trainer. Best decision I have ever made. He taught me all the things i needed to know. Since November 2013 ive been working with Sinisa. And he has helped me so much and has been such a good trainer and friend through this process. He knows everything and sees everything. Trust me, he got the answers to all your silly questions and he can tell if i havent been drinking enough water, or had all my meals.. He got eyes everywhere – He can say to me; Oh so you didnt drink enough water yesterday did ya? Or what have you been eating? Again he sees everything. But its a huge motivation. The best motivation. Why?
– First of all he will tell you what to do and what you need to know, you dont have to spend endless hours on the internet reading all different ways on getting your dream body(it can make you confused and even a bit crazy, ive done it).
– You have to go to the gym because you have an appointment with him.
– And you are investing money into this, so you gotta get your money worth!
But the best motivation of all is PROGRESS.
Every day you are one step closer, every week, every month!
I have recommended him to some friends of mine, and they are all very pleased with him! I believe they, along with me, would recommend him to anyone that needs a bit of help or a kick in the ass. It doesnt matter if you just want to lose a few kg, tone up, get a fitness model body or whatever your dream body is. He will help you reach your goal. He will put up a diet plan just for you(dont worry, its NOT just chicken and rice(again im doing a competition diet)). It will be a diet – a lifestyle you can live with, be happy with, feel good with.
I could go on for hours how grateful i am to this man and how absolutely amazing he is. I would not have gotten this body as fast by doing it on my own. Training with a PT vs just you is two completely different things.
 And the plus side he is a bit of an eye candy for us ladies as well. But sorry girls, he is taken by a gorgeous woman. 🙂
If you are interested in changing your body or/and life. You should definitely give him a quick call and see what he can do for you. Trust me, you wont regret it. Its the best investment i have ever done. And on the bonus side, you will make a great new friend as well.
Good Luck!

Contact: SinisaPersonalTrainer


Im writing this purely because i mean what ive said above. I do not get paid or sponsored for this post.

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