Changing you diet and lifestyle can be pretty hard. You might just wanna change your eating habits or you want a complete lifestyle change – to a healthy one. Well im gonna share my tips of what ive done, and what have worked for me. You might not need all of them, and some of them might not work for you. But try it, for at least 2 weeks, preferably 30 days.
Prep and plan your meals
This for me has probably been the most important one. I cook up all my protein for at least 2-3 days, so i dont have to waste time on cooking before every meal. Same with my carbs. When i mean protein, im talking about all kind of meat(but lean meat), chicken, pork, turkey, beaf, eggs etc.. Cook up 1-2 kg or more, use different spices to satisfy your tastebuds, measure up how much you will need for each meal and put it in tubber ware/zipperbags. And you are ready to go. The same with carbs, if you are having pasta, rice, potatoes etc. Cook up for a few days. I normally dont prep my veggies, as most of the time I eat my veggies raw. And if you cook your veggies, they will become soft and soggy the next day and my tastebuds dont really like that. So i recommend that you will cook them before meal or in the early morning.
Bring all your meals
Bring your ready prepped meals to where ever you go. You should eat 4-6 times a day, about every 3 hours, so if you are going to work, bring all the meals you need for the time you are gone. By that as well, you dont have to stress about what to eat or where to get it. And you have to eat it! You dont wanna throw fresh food away for some fatty mcdonalds do you? I dont eat any snacks in between meals, but if you need so, bring that as well. But healthy ones of course.
Stay away from sugar and fat
Focus on having protein and carbs in your diet. Not too much fruit, but some yes. Healthy fats such as nuts and avocado. but still not to much.
Have a eating day or cheat meal every 4 days.
Even though eating healthy is great, we all have our weaknesses for some “bad food”. And you can still treat you to it. Dont worry.
I normally have 1 crazy eating day a week, just load up with all the carbs i can eat. I know some people have ONE cheat meal every 4 days. Try out whats best for you. Depends on how your macros are made up(macros = how much kcal, protein, carbs and fat you can eat a day)
Its good to “shock” the body when you have been eating clean for a long time. So when all those different calories you eat enters the body, the body is not used to it, and speeds up the metabolism and burn everything of and more.
Eat clean
Check out paleo diet. Eat like a caveman as they say. Dont use any processed food. Eat clean and fresh food.
Eat your meals because your body needs it
I dont always enjoy every meal i eat. But i eat my it because my body needs it. I tell myself my body needs this if i want to achieve my goals. I put on some tv to distract myself and eat my meal. Of course you can make all your meals very nice and tasty. But its not always like that.
Measure your food
You will not believe how important this is! Watch this video.
Drink loads of water
Water is so important, probably the most important thing for weight loss. The more you drink, the better. The more you go to the toilet, the more you flush out bad stuff out of you body. Its like cleaning for your body. Drink at least 3 liters a day. But i recommend more. You can also drink green tea and coffee(no sugar or cream though!) Or diet drinks is also allowed. I drink coke zero and sugar free redbull, when i want a little sweet treat. But in moderation. But some also say this is a nono. But it works for me.
Drink less alcohol
Yes, this is probably the hardest one. It was for me in the beginning, and ive been sober sally for nearly 3 months now. And im gonna tell you what put me off it. You see, when you drink alcohol, the body gets busy to try to get rid of the alcohol because it is a toxin. So while your body is busy getting rid of all that alcohol you are consuming, all the food you eat after(up to 10-12 hours after last drink) will store as fat. So that kebab you eat 4 a clock in the morning or all the pizza, soda, ice cream etc you eat the day after will go right to your hip. You want a drink now? 🙂 And if you are building muscles it will slow down the recuperation of your muscle tissues. So you are slowing down the process big time. They also say you lose approximately 14 days of training everytime you consume more than 100-200 ml of alcohol. But i dont know if that is a myth or a fact. So thats explained without any strange words. But this doesnt mean i wont have a drink again. I will, but not every week 🙂
Also, alcohol in itself is packed with calories. So instead of that sugary strawberry daiquiri, have white spirits with light mixers. Dry white wine, dry cava and champagne. On glass of this are about 100 kcal. While a strawberry daiquiri have up to 200-300 kcal.
Make clean treats
You can have a sweet treat everyday even though you want to eat clean and healthy! Have proteinpancakes for breakfast, have a proteinbar, make your own healthy treats! Its millions of recipes out there. Get yourself some sugar/fat free ice cream. Make your own healthy ice cream! The possibilities are enormous!
 So there you have it. I hope this helps 🙂

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