Hey, so I thought i would show you whats in my shopping bag. But its not very exciting at all. Pretty much chicken, some veggies, eggwhites, some tuna, rice and coke zero. I dont buy all my chicken in the beginning of the week because i eat over 1/2 kg of chicken every day, and i like it fresh.
Yesterday I had tuna salad as one of my meals. You can get really fed up with all that chicken, especially when you get so bored of prepping 2 kg of chicken all the time, and lose interest in making it tasty because it takes so long time, and you end up just flinging it in the oven to get it cooked.
Here you got a typical breakfast of mine, no chicken here! Rice protein pancakes. Yum. I like sweet stuff in the morning so these ones does the trick. Ive posted the recipe on my instagram.
I really enjoy experimenting making healthy tasty sweet recipes when I can, thats probably the thing im looking most forward to after the competition, when im allowed more than just plain simple food.

Right, off to the gym! Make it a great day!


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