3 weeks from today I will be stepping on that stage, with my glorious tan, million dollar bikini og sparkly heels. Im so excited, first of all to see how my body will be on that day and how i will do. Nerves hasnt arrived yet, and im glad. 3 more weeks with strict diet and hard training, and i will enjoy every minute of it. This is honestly the best thing ive ever done in my life. It really amazes me how much you can transform your body in such short of time if you will go for it. It might be hard in the beginning, but you will learn to love it. Well maybe not the squats, Dina doesnt like doing squats.
I was supposed to enter a competition tomorrow(thank god im not). But ive got a few friends that will enter, and i will go and show my support! So excited for them.

Yesterday I went surfing for the first time! And oh, I loved it. Really amazing. Been wanting to do it for a very long time now, well for about 4 years. And i will definitely do it again! Got some awesome new sunglasses from KLAESIK Clothing as well. The new collection will arrive soon.
Other than that, planning a little holiday after the competition. Oh dont worry, ill bring my dumbbells with me. Ill let you know anther day where im going 🙂


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