Today was Norways birthday! And i really wish I could be there, drink champagne for breakfast, eat ice cream and sweets all day and just have fun with family and friends. Instead im sitting here eating my chicken. With the Norwegian flag next to me. Ah well, next year 🙂
And today is also, 1 week until the competition! Cant believe its been nearly 3 months since i started this prep! Will make a before and after post after the competition, even though ive only gone down 4 kg on the scale, its a huge difference!
I spent about 2 hours in the gym today, with no PT, doing biceps and triceps, with a banging headache. Yup. Dunno where it came from, but it was there, and it wasnt pleasant at all i can tell ya. Normally i wouldnt of gone to the gym if im not feeling well, but cant afford to skip any workouts so close to the comp. Thankfully, my arm workout was followed by cardio, and the headache disappeared. Maybe thats whatcha gotta do if you got a headache! Go and do cardio! 🙂
Tomorrow Im going to have a makeup trial for the comp with my good friend Britt. She is absolutely amazing with her makeup, and Im so glad she is doing it! Gonna look smashing!
Have some more recipes waiting to be posted as well. Im still cooking sweet treats, but for friends. As i looooove cooking! Will post some tomorrow. And it will also be a very unhealthy one as well. Someones birthday ive got to bake something special for 🙂

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