First of all I would like to welcome you. Thanks for popping by, as they say.
Ive decided I want to start up a blog so you can follow my journey through life. Well, it will mainly be about my everyday life, and thats all about fitness and healthy living. But you never know what will happen in my life as its normally all over the place.
Everyday i have people asking me: How did you get that body of yours? How to I stay motivated? How can you stay away from the wine for this long? How is your diet? etcetc..
So here you I will share all my tips and tricks. What ive learned from starting living that #fitgirldream. Ive grown a big passion for fitness and healthy living and i want to inspire others to do the same! Trust me, Ive done it all, been jumping from diet to diet, eating whatever i want, gone up 10 kg and lost 10 kg. I have still loads to learn, but thats the beauty of growing.

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