Iiiiiits cardio time! I love doing cardio, but sometimes i also hate it. I think most people hate it as well.
If so, im now gonna share my super duper cardio secrets! I do now about 5 hours of cardio each week. 45 min after lifting and 1 hour fasted cardio twice a week, steady heart rate, in the fat burning zone, dont wanna burn that muscle away!
Im not saying you need to do hours of cardio every week. It all depends on you. Some people have a very fast metabolism others dont. It depends on what your goal is as well. I know people who doesnt even need to step on that treadmill. And remember im on a very hard workout plan and diet. For a competition. Its not for everyone.
But if you do some cardio every week, or maybe try to excuse yourself not doing it for any stupid reason(shameonyou), here is my tips on how to get you through that cardio sesh!
1. MUSIC! This is super important. If i forget my headphones, i will refuse to do cardio, no joke. Thankfully that has never happened. yet..
2. Songs that have memories. This might sound a bit silly, but it really works. I have certain songs on my playlist that I have a memories about, and the daydreaming starts. Or you can also think of new scenarios- Like for example a song you would like to be played in your wedding, how would it be, how would it feel, what would happen etc? Anything that makes you feel good! Trust me when you start that daydreaming, time fly’s by. 
3. Follow the tempo in the songs, it makes it more interesting.
4. Look at other people in the gym. Maybe there is a good looking gal or guy?(remember not to be a staring creep) Or just look at what they do, you might even learn something new.
5. Block everything out. I do this if i run, i just get my mind completely blank and look at one spot all the time. Just focusing on it. You will even forget how tired you are and time goes by faster than ever.
Try it and find out what works for you. And dont forget to take your BCAA’s before cardio. Happy cardio.

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