• Green Eggs | RECIPE

    Most people don’t want to think of what to cook for their meals and this one factor why so many of us turn to easy solutions such as McDonalds down the street, the pizzeria a few blocks away or simply all the surprisingly good looking meals in the supermarket aisles. Now, this is ok, not […]

  • Gooey Banana Bread | Recipe

    If you like banana and if you like sweet things – This. YOU GOTTA MAKE! Super easy, simple and it’s sugar-free! Can also be lactose-free, gluten-free and wheat-free! This is something you can bring along as a snack, a meal, serve as a dessert or as a treat for unexpected guests 🙂 GOOEY BANANA BREAD […]

  • A book you should read

    Some mornings just needs to be relaxed, at that is exactly how my morning was. Didn’t get out of bed until 12(!!), but in all fairness, I did read all morning, just in bed. Obviously, with my morning coffee and a piece of yummy gooey banana bread that I baked yesterday – recipe will be […]