Lost in California

It’s already May and I honestly don’t know where the time went… I’ve travelled so much this year already and life has literally been non-stop. Both with work, uni and travelling. I’m currently in California, all by myself. I’ve travelled alone plenty of times, but this is the biggest trip Ive been by myself. Ive never been to the states and here I am staying at an Airbnb in Huntington Beach and feeling a bit, well, lost. This place is huge, expensive cars and houses everywhere and not a single person walking the streets – only the foreign girl.

But Im not here on a typical holiday. About a year ago I discovered Dr. John Bergman on YouTube, and was quickly mindblown about what he had to say about health and nutrition. Everything he said was just so logic, yet so simple. So after about 6 months of watching his youtube talks, I knew I needed to meet this man. I needed to know how he treats all these diseases naturally – how he get these people drug free, how he cures autoimmune diseases and diabetes like it was a walk in the park. How he literally helps people reset their bodies and let them live a healthy disease free life.

So I simply sent Dr. Bergman a message asking if I could come and here I am on the other side of the world to expand my knowledge about health and nutrition.

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