Detox Retreat @ Champneys Tring

I’m currently down in England at Champneys Tring Health Hotel with work. Doing a 5-day total detox retreat hosted by Amanda Hamilton. And oh my this hotel is unreal – food is fantastic, the spa treatments are unreal, and the location is simply beautiful.

When people hear the word detox, they immediately think unhealthy or just for weight loss, as it’s been giving a lot of bad rep in the media.  And it is not just about weight loss, and it is not unhealthy when done the correct way. A detox is all about giving the body a very high quantity of nutrients and lowering the intake of calories, letting the digestive system a rest and rebooting health, body and improve metabolic functions. The guests are also given a colonic hydrotherapy to remove colon plaque, which is a build-up of toxins and waste in the colon.

We are having 3 juices a day and finish off with a warm broth in the evening, along with spa treatments, sauna, steam room, outdoor jacuzzi and a fabulous swimming pool.

Myself have booked an injection of amino acids,  vitamins and antioxidants on Monday. Always something I wanted to try – so let’s see how it goes!

Anyway, back to work – speak soon! x

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