Make 2017 your year / How to reach your goals

Believe it or not folks but we are soon in February, like tomorrow. By this time most of us have failed our New Year’s resolutions, and we are back to our regular habits.

This is why I never make New Year’s resolutions. As they very rarely work. Forcing yourself to change or ask yourself to do something you’ve never really done before just isn’t the way to go for the most of us.

Goals, on the other hand, those work. Whether if it’s small or large goals – If you want something bad enough – you’ll get it. 

I have personally written down my goals for this year. Some of them I’m not sure how on earth is going to happen, but just believing and knowing that you will succeed is putting you towards the right path towards your goals. Just think about it – I’m sure there is something in your life you have achieved or gotten now that you always knew you wanted, whether it’s a car, a job or a friend! It happens to me all the time – because I believe it will!

Now, to program your mind into getting what you want you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1.  Think of what you want – and why you want it? You want a slimmer body, but why? Think long and hard on why you want it and how that would make you feel, and hold on to that feeling. Write this down in detail.
  2. Write down how you could reach your goal. Be as detailed as you can. You don’t have to worry about this point too much. But it’s good to put your path to your goal down on paper so you can see and start believing and start doing.
  3. Start thinking you’ve already got what you want. I can’t emphasise enough how powerful beliving is, as what you feel, turns into being. Go and buy those pair of jeans in the size you want to fit! Walk like you imagine you would walk in your dream size. Book a holiday, imagine how you would feel showing off your body half naked on the beach. Start doing.

And last but not least – always stay positive. Positive thoughts, energy and mind, is the key. If you keep worrying, moaning and complaining you are just throwing out negative vibes. And we all know negativity never do any good. I challenge you to not complain about anything for 2 weeks. It’s harder than it sounds.

Its really that simple people. Make this year, your year. You are the only person in control of it.

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