Clean eating and health

This morning my friend send me an article in the Guardian:

Bad fad – Ruby Tandoh on how clean eating turned toxic

I started reading it – and about half way through I had to stop. Jesus Christ. Literally. The whole article just sounded like a jealousy act. I totally get there is a massive rise in the ‘clean eating’ fad. And there are a lot of people who are taking advantage of this, and not for good. However, I think it is a brilliant thing that there are more and more people that are promoting healthy eating. I’m happy that people are now focusing more on their health and not only eat healthy to lose weight! Health over weight people, always.

Ruby Tandoh writes that we are getting “turn to the false prophets of the diet industry to cure the ills that our health service is too stretched and too underfunded to deal with.” Now, to comment on that. I personally am very against the medical system today – doctors are trained and taught to deal with the symptoms of our illnesses and not the root of the problem. We are getting pumped on medications, if you have a headache, take a painkiller. High blood pressure? Here are some ACE inhibitors and some diuretics. And oh, you are obese – you can go to boots and buy obesity medication without a prescription. In my eyes, this is just wrong. I believe most conditions and illnesses can be treated with diet alone – treat food as your medicine before you have to take medicine as your food.

We have an obsession with diets. With fad diets. There is no miracle cure, but there is a way to push back: call them as you see them. Wellness is a fad diet. Clean eating is a fad diet. If it promises salvation on a plate, it is a fad diet. Hold the wellness gurus accountable, let them know that their diet is a diet. Make them eat their words. – Ruby Tandoh

Diet is something you do for a short amount of time. Lifestyle is for life. Lifestyle is for health. Wellness is health. 

You have to know that our bodies are very smart machines, if I may call them that. Your body wants to maintain homoeostasis. If you experience symptoms or illnesses your body is telling you that something isn’t working quite right. If you take medication to take those symptoms away you are inhibiting or enhancing a function in your body, and this will, of course, result in another function will be enhanced or inhibited, and the circle goes on.

If you don’t want to change your diet and lifestyle to treat your problems – I think you simply don’t care about your health. I know health conscious people who suffer from illnesses and they say they don’t even want to take nutritional supplements because they think they should get all they eat from food – which I think is great, but they say this while eating portions of fried chips and ketchup. Ironic huh?

Then there is those who say, but Dina, I want to enjoy myself – it’s all about balance, right? And this is true; my diet is certainly not just organic and superfoods. However, those people normally are those who thinks three healthy meals a week is a balance. If you don’t have your health, you can’t enjoy yourself. Pronto. Even if you feel “fine” now – your diet and lifestyle habits can come and bite you in the ass in the future.

Clean eating – In my eyes, is a diet filled with fruit and veg, quality meat and ingredients that are not processed. And when I say processed I mean packed with additives, preservatives, stripped off their nutrients and all that jazz. However, I do not classify myself as a clean eater – I just eat well for my body majority of the time. Simple as that. I have never suffered from any major illnesses – I never even get a cold anymore. Touch wood.

However, I do agree with all these new people who are so called health people but don’t have a degree or any qualifications to write diet plans, etc. Although you can, of course, self-educate yourself – I don’t think many people who say they are health gurus or nutritionist read about all what we do in University. I know I certainly wouldn’t if I didn’t have to!

Anyway, back to point. Nutrition is really simple. It’s good to “eat clean” or in a better way of putting it – eat nutritious whole foods. Have a glass of wine if you fancy, and you are better off making a homemade pizza than phoning dominos. Some people work better on a gluten-free diet, but there is no reason to cut it out if you don’t suffer from any side effects of it. If you go no sugar, amazing! If you don’t, do not worry – just keep it to a minimum. Go meat-free a couple of times of the week, it’s not only good to introduce more plant food in your diet, but it’s also good for the environment. Don’t limit your body for food groups if you don’t have to! Exercise, be positive and enjoy life to the fullest. Keep it simple, and don’t hate on people who are doing well in life.

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