Make ‘Nutritionist’ a legally protected title

Some of you might have seen a video I posted yesterday on my Facebook page. If you haven’t – you can go to my facebook page, or you can go to youtube and watch it here.

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It’s not fair that anyone – qualified or unqualified can use the title “Nutritionist.”

It’s not fair that I, as an international student, have to pay £50,000 for four years, whereas someone can “become” a ‘nutritionist.’ for under £400 in 1 month.

It’s not fair to people who seek nutritional advice may be given the wrong advice.

It’s not right that unqualified ‘health gurus’ use the title nutritionists and put people on quick fix diets and ruins people metabolism AND health.

But, it’s great that people want to help people. But we have to distinguish between who has a four-year degree and who has ‘just’ done a course.

Do yourself and us a favour and sign the petition:

Make ‘Nutritionist’ a legally protected title


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  1. Ross says: Reply

    I don’t think ‘Nutritionist’ is going to become a legally-protected title anytime soon. For now, it’s important to let people know the difference between someone calling themselves a Nutritionist, and someone who is a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr). The latter is someone who is on the UKVRN, which is governed by The Association for Nutrition, and has completed an accredited degree-level course. In short, if a client seeks out a Registered Nutritionist, they can be sure they are consulting with a professional.

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