Just a week in to the Ketogenic diet and so far so good. I find it more or less easy to stick to, no cravings. Which is great. I can struggle with carvings. My sweet tooth can sometimes take over, but eating high fat is taking this away. Other than that I do find it hard to just go into the shop to buy some lunch. Everything got carbs it in, and here in Scotland it seems like its hard to find keto friendly foods. I know for example in Norway, where I was born and raised this would probably be easier as the low carb diet is more common over there. So meal prepping is probably essential to make things easier. To be honest I always used to meal prep, but havent done that in ages. So I think I’m going to go back in my old routine.


Over this diet I doubt I’m going to get “keto-adapted”. As I’m not going to be nazi on any of the diets I’m going to attempt. For me it has to be a lifestyle. So if I’m going to the movies and want to have popcorn I will have popcorn, If I’m out with friends for drinks I will have drinks, If I’m invited to a dinner party, I will eat whatever they serve. But in my own time I will eat ketogenic. So it will probably be more 80-90 % keto and 20-10 % non keto. I’m not going to try to lose weight or try to build muscles, I’m going to do what I always do and see what happens when my diets changes.

You have to be able to live life and enjoy it. Not being obsessed of what you are eating 24/7. Life is too short and if you’re like me enjoy the good foods in life and that is part of you being happy, don’t ruin that. You can eat to eat or you can eat to enjoy it. But if guidelines can help to keep your body in check that is always a bonus.

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