Hi guys! Sorry for my absence. As mentioned earlier I’ve had a family member over. So been quite busy over the weekend. And I’ve been wine and dining for the past 4 days(!). I like wine and dining, but I prefer having a more “healthy” food and drink intake. Yesterday I had my last meal of carbs, italian to be precise. Probably the best to end with before I start on the Ketogenic diet. But today people, today I start the fat fasting!

What is fat fasting?
It basically a way of eating for 3-5 days to get yourself in ketosis quickly, hit a fat loss plateau, or if you have had a so-called cheat meal(carbs) while living on a ketogenic diet and want to get yourself back in ketosis. You will eat 80-90 % of your food just from fat and the rest 20-10 % from protein. I’m going to try to keep it 80-85 % fat and 20-15 % protein. You can eat nuts, full fat cheese, double cream, eggs, fatty fish, oils etc. It’s quite restricted, but its only for a couple of days. And you will only consume 1000-1200 kcal for these days. After this is finished you can go on a keto diet and eat “normal”.

They say you will lose 5-8 pounds(ca 2-4 kg) in just three days while on fat fasting or up to 10 pounds(4-5kg) if doing it for 5 days! However like pretty much all crash diets you will gain some of it back, if not all.

NB! I’ve read that some people do not recommend for people to do fat fasting if they are not keto adapted (being able to produce ketones, see previous blog post), and may recommend to go on a fairly low carb diet before attempting fat fasting. If you’ve never been eating high amounts of fat in your diet before, you might hit a wall, as your body is not used to this. You might also get something called a “keto-flu”, which is caused of deficiencies of certain minerals. So take a multivitamin.

When it comes to exercise, they recommend to have fairly low intensity if in the gym, as you might feel extra tired as your body is adapting to something new. So I’m just going to do high reps, light weight and steady state(SS) cardio for the next three days.

Today I started my day with some brie cheese(my fave) and a cup of black coffee with two tablespoons of double cream. Might not sound healthy for most people, but this is actually what you can eat on a ketogenic diet. Bire is not far from having the same amount of protein per 100 g as a piece of chicken!
Anyway, I will update you on how it all goes.

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