So here is the summary of the Rebuild diet. The only thing I will not include are before and after photos and weight. As I originally was going to do this, but I changed my mind as this is not a diet to live on. Or a quick weight loss tool. I did lose a bit of weight in the beginning, but after week 2 I felt like I actually gained a bit of weight. And this was probably because of my high fruit consumption but also and most importantly I only went to the gym 3 times the first week of the diet. But if I only ate protein and vegetables for the 3 weeks, I would most definitely lose a lot of weight.

Aim of diet: To find out of I have any food sensitivities.
Difficulty: Extremely difficult. You have to make sure all your food is prepped and spend a lot of time in the kitchen and not to mention be creative with your cooking skills. Even cutting out chilli and cayenne pepper for me was extremely hard as I eat this is something I always put on my food.
Cost: ca240 pounds for 3 weeks. An average of ca 12 pounds a day.
Overall feeling: Getting hungry very easy. Never properly satisfied.
Other comments: Bowel movements were tripled.

So I have now gone back to my “normal diet”, so the question is have I actually found out that I have any food sensitivities? So far only the mange tout I ate when I was on the diet didn’t really agree with me, but other than that non. But then you can say that maybe it didn’t work properly as I didn’t finish the 30 days?
I did not like being on this diet, but some people with autoimmune diseases or other gut related diseases will probably have a very big benefit of this. In fact there are thousands of people you can find on the internet who swear to this lifestyle of eating. Because they have to be able to live a “normal” life. And I do take my hat of from them. I can be pretty consist when it comes to strict diets, but this one where over my limits.

Food can be your medicine and your poison. And Im a firm believer that a lot of diseases can be treated with just simple diet changes. 

So now its only time to plan the next diet and start my experiment properly. I’m planning to start in a week or two. And I’m considering doing the ketogenic diet. Or is there another one you are more curious about? Let me know in the comment section!

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  1. Following a strict elimination diet like this is extremely difficult, and my thoughts are that anyone who attempts the Auto Immune Paleo protocol will quickly realise the importance of resources, preparation and support. For example, successfully following such an elimination diet over an extended period of time will mean learning how to prepare AIP-friendly breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Now unless someone is a very talented and creative cook/chef who knows how to combine ingredients well (and this certainly doesn’t describe me!), they will have to find AIP cook books and follow the recipes. Without this, it is inevitable that they will fall back on fruit, veg and meat, and with this will come hunger, boredom, and ultimately, failure to adhere to the diet. A person will also most probably lose weight due to the simple reality that they are struggling to meet their caloric requirements.

    Now obviously, as I stated in my review of the “Rebuild Diet”, this diet is really for people who are struggling with an auto-immune condition and who want to attempt to manage their autoimmunity through diet. Most of us are lucky enough not to have an autoimmune condition, and therefore don’t have to go to such dietary extremes. As such, I think that it’s important to feel a level of gratitude for this, and also to feel empathy towards those who are struggling and have turned to AIP. It is, as Dina has found, not at all easy to follow (not to mention the social impact it has on eating out), and therefore I have a lot of respect and admiration for anyone who successfully implements AIP and sees their health condition improve.

    In terms of your aim of using this rebuild diet for 30 days in order to discover potential food sensitivities, I would be interested to hear what food groups you have reintroduced, in what order, and how many days you spaced the different reintroductions apart. Maybe you still have something to add back in? I don’t know if you have just been keeping a mental observation any reactions, or if you have been writing things down in a sort of reintroduction food diary, but I’d be fascinated to read about how the whole reintroduction phase has gone. Is there anything that you now feel doesn’t agree with you? I hope it’s not chocolate!

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