Hey folks! Not much update lately as it havent been much to update. Had some family over, have had a lot of lazy days and not really been to the gym much,

Atlhough – Monday I start to prep again, and Im so excited to get back in to it! Gonna do a new diet and new training program. The British Finals will take place in Nottingham 3rd of October, so will have 12 weeks to get In the best shape of my life. Thankfully, my body havent changed a lot(note: Havent gained much fat), so hopefully it wont be so hard to loose the extra kilos.

Not much on the agenda today, going to eat some food now, take my dog down to the beach and hit the gym for a back and shoulder workout. Maybe some cardio if im feeling frisky and some work needs to be done.

Happy Thursday folks, stay happy!

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