So its monday again, and im back to just wearing BBcream for the rest of the week. No need for loads of makeup while spending two hours in the gym everyday. Some people would say why wear anything at all? Well, I need something to let me look a bit fresh, at least. A tired, baggy eyes Dina, is not a pretty sight.
Done my food shopping and gym for today. Legs and glutes today. I do legs twice a week, as thats my weakest part. When I started working out with my PT. I had no glutes what so ever, my bum was flat as a pancake. But now they are building up, and im finally starting to see some muscles. One day I will get that JLo bum.
Plan for the rest of the day is to catch up with some sleep, some cleaning and do some posing practice. Been getting complaints from someone living two floors down from me, that they have been waking up hearing “clicking” sounds from my apartment. Ye guilty, the soundproofing must be awful if you can hear just me walking around in heels. Better do the the posing a bit earlier in the evening.
Coming back with another post later today.

Stay fit, happy and healthy!


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